Great corn makes great tortillas. During our travels we have learned about this ancient grain that we are importing to Amsterdam. We wanted to know more about the different types of corn and how they influence the flavours and consistencies of our tortillas. We also had the chance to speak to some of the farmers about the role corn plays in Mexican life, culture and traditions.


Once we had the best corn, we knew we needed to find out how to make the best tortillas. We quickly discovered that making tortillas is harder than it looks and that it requires quite a bit of skill and experience. Fortunately we found people that were nice enough to show us the ropes. Teaching us everything they knew about the cooking, nixtamalization, grinding and pressing of the best tortillas.


Tacos for you, tacos for me, tacos for everyone! From simple to complex, you can fill a taco with so many delicious things. We love traditional carnitas or pastor tacos, but also had amazing tacos made from left-overs in the fridge. We ate every taco we could find and asked all our friends about their favourite toppings.


We went to Oaxaca to learn more about the 400-year-old spirit called mezcal. There are many different types of agave that mezcal is made from and we had a chance to see and try quite a few of them. We witnessed the entire process from harvesting of the agave, to fermenting and distilling. Good times!